Monday, 10 November 2008

Where shall we visit next?

I've been looking at organising a visit to Leeds Art Gallery for us all but, unfortunately, the exhibition Changing Places that Louise thought would be relevant to our work has finished showing there.
Feedback from our London visit was that it would be good to do more trips as a Youth Forum. I am happy to organise something if youth forum can come up with suggestions of places we could go that would be relevant to our project work. Do post your suggestions and thoughts about other people's suggestions and I will try and arrange something for the New Year.



Emily said...

I think there is an Andy Warhol exhibition on at the moment in London (at the Tate???) but I don't know if this would be relavent to our work.

Emily said...

Although I wasn't i London in the holidays, 'The Runners' by Martin Creed sounded like a really interesting piece of work which definately breaks away from the traditional idea of art. I don't think we have ever done any performance art in the Youth forum so maybe this is something we could look into doing. It would be good to visit somewhere that specialised in Performance Art for some inspiration.