Monday, 10 November 2008

Christmas Party?

On your youth forum schedule our meeting on Monday 8th December is billed as Christmas meal/ party. Let me know what you'd like to do (or whether you'd rather just have a 'normal' workshop session on that date) and I will organise.


P.S. I think we should definitely have crackers; or could we make our own Visual Dialogues crackers, Louise?


Louise Atkinson said...

I don't see why we couldn't make our own. We could buy the cracker kits or just the snaps and design our own?

Kate said...

hi Youth Forum, Thank you for your, sometimes very creative, suggestions on what we could do for our Christmas party on Monday 8th December! The most popular choice was to go to Pizza Express for a meal. Can you let me know this week if you would like to attend and I will confirm numbers with them?

I suggest we meet at the usual time, usual place and then walk up to Pizza Express for about 6pm. If you are under eighteen, please let your parents/ guardians know that this is what you’ll be doing and make arrangements with them for how you will get home afterwards. I imagine we might be finished a little later – maybe about 8pm that evening.

I really hope you can make it.