Monday, 3 November 2008

Modern Art?

So our trip to the Tate Modern really got me thinking about what Modern art actually is. There was a massive exhibition of red canvases namely created by Rothko. He basically paints a canvas red and then, if he feels adventurous, paints a darker red border. If you're really that interested Google it. Trust me- it's a disappointment. (Unless you're a minimalist. In which case never become an artist. Please.)

Aside from the horrors of rubbish "Art" there were actually soome good things at Tate Modern. On the ground floor there were a load of metal bunkbed frames in yellow and blue. On the bunkbeds there were various books in different languages and different genres. This instilation confused me at first and I was unsure what to think about. However, once I had sat down and stated reading I realised that I myself had become part of the art. That made me feel good :) Interactive art is the way forward in my opinion.

So, what IS Modern Art? I suppose it's a matter of opinion really. As is art in general. In my opinion a blank red canves does not constitute as art and I can think of many other artists who deserve that place in the Tate Modern.


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