Monday, 17 November 2008

The Booth

Chloe wasn't here this week. She was in London trying to get into exhibitions for free because she is naughty like that. So I had to face Kate and Caspar on my own armed only with the badly drawn diagram of our proposal. As you may know (or should as it was in my last post), our idea was to ask people to write down their thoughts, advice, worries or something that is important to them. We would then take their photo and display the statements on a back wall and the photos hung from the ceiling. Below this would be a video of people telling the camera their worries and a sheet of paper for the general viewers to write advice and encouragement to these strangers.

However, times change, and after a very interesting and thought provoking discussion with Kate and Caspar it looks like our design may be altered slightly. Obviously I need to run these ideas past Chloe but here is a rough outline:-

We would keep the photos and the statements buit instead of having them hanging we would have the whole instalment in a sort of booth. This would be quite small, just taller and wider than your average doorway (but 3D). All over the walls would be collaged photos and pieces of paper which you can spend as long as you want examining and thinking about. Also on the walls would be several nails sticking out at different levels. There would be a small box of tags (like the old ones you get on suitcases) which the general public could write advice, thougfhts and responces to the artwork. They could then hang them on the nails provided.

Right I have to go now as everyone is tydying and leaving around me. I hope at least some of that made sense and I'll let you know how it's all going throughout the project!

Susie x.

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chloe said...

yes yes that is a lush idea,
we should defo do that