Monday, 17 November 2008

Houses with transparent roofs and glow in the dark stuff inside and turn the lights off:)

We are making houses in response to the Sam Taylor-Wood and the Lady Denham portrait. We had this idea because these two people have stories to tell, Sam Taylor Wood is trying to express hers while Lady Denham hides her story. The houses and the people represent stories that people have to tell. We were thinking of having them all exactly the same on the outside but then you open them up like a dolls' house and you can see what's inside and their stories they have to tell, that no-one would normally know. This would be a good way of being able to interact with the work - there's so many pieces of artwork that you can't touch and have to stay behind a line and you can't interact with it at all.

I also want a transparent roof! So you can see inside easily.

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