Monday, 26 January 2009

Samurai Pizza Cats are Awesome

meow is not what a cow says, a cow says ,moo', can you say moo?
moo sounds like you and you most likely eat cow,
unless your in soviet Russia in which case cow eats you.
Contrary to unpopular belief cows cant actually fly however they can levitate over short distances. On average they speak seven languages and enjoy long walks along hilly paths, beeches don't agree with hooves or do they........
Humans love cows a lot, we love them so much that once we've shot them in the head with a high speed piston? and taken the scrumptious stuff from their bodies we grind up the bones and use those in lots of things like sweeties that we givve to the little ones, and plastics and INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH LUBRICANT.
Surrposedly 97% of a cow is used, i think it used to be 100% but then someone decided that they didnt like the idea of the circle of life and canabalism coming together in glorious diseased unity so they stopped feeding cows to cows.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Making the interactives

As the launch draws closer the group are working hard on their design briefs to commission the interactives. They have had several meetings with marketing, graphics design company Cafeteria, set design companies, and myself to discuss the work to be made. Last session they concentrated on making mood boards to draw out elements of the paintings that they wanted to focus on.

Before Christmas, the group voted to decide which of their designs would be taken forward to commission stage. The pieces they decided on were:

* The Birdcage, in response to Suspended by Sam Taylor-Wood and The Misses Vickers
* Road signs to be situated around the various galleries in response to the paintings
* Terraced Houses, opening up and exploring the identity of characters within the paintings
* Recipe book, inspired by Lady of Shallot and Suspended
* Frankenstein Cow, to be situated in the devotion section of the gallery

We also discussed how to make other designs more viable and interactive. From these discussions we produced ideas for how we could engage people during the launch event such as using origami and decision makers with the audience.