Sunday, 23 November 2008

Our Idea...

When told we were to pick a painting that inspired us out of the collections in the Graves gallery, Joyce and I knew what our first piece was: The Misses Vickers by J.S. Sargent. For a long time this had been one of our favourite pieces in the gallery. I dont know if it's the colours that attract us, or the intrigue and beauty of the girls (probaby all three) but we knew we wanted to include this painting. The hard part was finding a modern piece that we felt linked with this. We settled on The Coop.
We linked these paintings mainly due to the idea of more than one person and the link between women in the family.

We toyed around with this idea for a while. We also saw the element of class in the paintings- The contrast of the rich sisters to the servant-esque feel of the women in The Coop.
Our ideas went though may changes and stages until we thought of this:

Our Idea
We use different styles of cutlery stood up around a plate. The cutlery represents people and the plate (somehow on legs) represents a dinner table. We came up with this idea because it shows a clear role reversal. We wondered what would happen if the Vickers Sisters were made to do the work of the women in the coop? What would happen if the women in The Coop had the liberty of the sisters? We thought that cutlery was a great idea because not only does it link with us as people due to the Sheffield link with steel, but it also links with the idea in both paintings and the way that they made us feel. We thought a congregation of cutlery so to speak linked nicely with the idea of groups and bonds between family that we saw in the paintings

I'm not sure how the whole piece overall would look or how effective it would be... Or even if you understand the point I'm trying to make! But I think it would be really interesting to see our idea develop and turn into a piece of art

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