Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Session two

The second session saw us questioning the way we see things. For example, if the word 'telephone' is written onto a banana, automatically in our minds we picture the banana being held up to our ear.

With this in mind we viewed some art in the gallery. We took a look at The Lady of Shalott (1858) by William Maw Egley (the one where she's in the castle not the one by John William Waterhouse with the her in the boat which i personally prefer- it's in the Tate i think so maybe we'll see it when we go to London...), and a couple of other's which i have stupidly forgotten the names of (doh).
Anyway, while looking at these pictures we wrote down words which we felt when we looked at them. Different people had different words which meant you could attempt to view the painting from other people's views.

After looking at these paintings a friend and i took a little wonder around the other rooms in the gallery. We were attracted to the room where there was some Chinese art which we thought was pretty cool.

Anyway, we returned to our room and were split into groups. Each group worked with one of the paintings we looked at and collected in all the words which represented that painting off of the other students. One thing i sometimes find about group work is certain individuals take a sideline while others take control. This maybe seemed evident in our group but no matter. The end result was a rough sketch of the painting with words written on it that people thought about the painting. On one of them the words hot and cold were written. This to me showed that different people viewed things differently.
I think the end result maybe lost the connection with the banana/telephone scenario at the beginning of the session but the task still got everyone thinking and hopefully now people feel less afraid to say what they think about paintings without feeling as if they are 'wrong'...
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Zippy said...

yes, i also felt that? wierdly.
but i think that there needs to be those people who take pictures of.. everything. i also found that some people were really inspired by the words people came up. yes .